3 Incredibly Easy and Quick Ways to Increase Your Google Rank

When you search on Google, the links you’re likely to click are on the first page of search results. The question you might have as a legal business is how do you get your law firm on that coveted space? You need to spike up your Google Rankings–and here are three quick, bloodless, painless ways to do so.


As in on Facebook. No, don’t go out there and start liking things. Get your own posts liked. Try to get more fans and followers on your Facebook page. Google and search engines love social media because these sites are frequently updated with fresh information. The more you prove that your page is active, the more your rankings will increase.


Again, social media is great for business. The more you tweet, the more your name will be mentioned, and the more fans will see your pages when you search for something. But you can’t just tweet and leave the update to float in cyberspace. You have to tweet regularly and relevantly, and start interacting with your fellow chirpers.


Reading and following blogs not only builds your knowledge of certain topics, but it is a great way to network with others in your field. Also, when you leave comments on certain blogs, the authors might give you the option to leave a reciprocal link. That means that your blog will get an additional link, exposure, and more traffic.


These three steps will barely take up any time. Chances are, you already have Facebook and Twitter accounts, and you already read certain blogs regularly. Don’t forget to like, tweet, and comment next time you’re surfing the Internet. You’ll see your website climb the Google rankings in a matter of weeks.