2013 Predictions for Attorney Marketing that Your Firm Should be Aware of

As 2013 approaches, the internet is full of predictions for upcoming trends.  Is your firm aware of what online marketing trends might affect your search engine results or your page ranks?  Well, we’ve had our eye on the trends for quite some time and have the predictions for what your firm should be focusing on in 2013.

2013 Attorney Marketing Trends

In 2012, we saw a lot of changes to search engine algorithms, which really changed the way internet marketers, and attorney marketers, reached out to their prospective clients.  In 2012, many of the old spammy techniques that used to encompass SEO were abandoned because of severe penalties.  As the algorithm changed to meet internet visitors’ expectations, internet marketers changed their behaviors as well.  In 2013, we’ll see some big changes on the horizon and go further down the road with others, including:

  • Personalization marketing.  When the search engine algorithms changed, they began ranking websites according to content that was assumed most valuable to the internet visitor.  What this meant was that suddenly, despite sites’ work to build up their page ranks, the most relevant and top results in search engine queries could instead be results from sites where the user is connected.  Search engines began using these personal connections and social media to enhance the users’ experience.  This trend will continue in 2013 as search engines struggle to capture users’ attention and sites struggle to remain relevant to users.  To remain in these top results, attorney marketers will have to build out the law firm’s connections online to reach as many people as possible with their content.
  • Social media sharing.  Social media sharing really hit the spotlight when search engines started ranking this content higher.  What internet marketers found was that social media shares were deemed more valuable to search engines because the amount of people resharing an item communicated its increased value. Attorney marketers will start scrambling to create more valuable and shareworthy content to keep up with this emerging trend.  Gone will be the old formulas and in their place will emerge more newsworthy and timely items to highlight attorney services.
  • Content marketing.  In 2012, content marketing became the new buzz word for online marketing. Attorney marketers have embraced the idea somewhat, but in 2013, will begin to churn out more content to highlight law firm’s goods and services.  Attorney marketers will begin to be more active across the internet, churning out articles, social media content, press, and blogs.
  • Public relations as SEO.  2012’s hits to SEO strategies online didn’t knock out the genre altogether.  Instead, SEO has been reimagined as a part of public relations.  Attorney marketing public relations departments will now be publishing releases that are keyword rich and looking to gain valuable back links from these items, replacing many of the old SEO techniques that used to gain the same links. Public relations will come into focus as a valuable tool to create that buzz a law firm needs for their successful attorney marketing.

Don’t Get Stuck in 2012

Don’t get left behind in 2012 practicing old techniques that aren’t producing results.  Take our advice and review your attorney marketing techniques to see where your law firm might need an update.  Remember, the new year means new rules which will be coming down the pipeline.  Until then, the focus is on providing valuable content to users who are internet savvy.  Law firms have been slow to adapt to many of the trends that began in 2012, but in 2013, we expect to see many more firms adopt winning attorney marketing strategies.