10 Sites to Promote Your Legal Business with Customer Reviews

Collect Customer Reviews to Promote Your Business

One of the strongest advertisements for your legal business is obtaining great reviews from real clients and affiliates across the web.  There’s no stronger advocate for you than a happy customer.  Just look at the many businesses which seem to attain larger than life reputations because of their happy customers.

You’ve got a collection of happy customers.  You can request reviews from your customers too.  Requesting reviews is actually a common practice where businesses say something along the lines of if you liked our service, let us know by posting a good review.  But where do you point them to leave this favorable feedback? If you’re wondering where to start, we’ve got the list that you need.

10 Sites to Collect Consumer Reviews

1 – Consumer Reports

Try consumerreports.org where over 7 million consumers rate products, goods, and services.  If your service is stellar, you’ll want exposure to this group.

2 – Better Business Bureau

Nothing says trustworthy like a high Better Business Bureau ranking. This nonprofit site is a great place where consumers can submit reports.

3 – Yelp

With millions of active users and a fanatical fan base of super fans, called Elite yelpers, this site is quickly establishing itself as a must consult online location for all manner of services from legal solutions providers to law firms and other business products.  It’s not just that site you go to find a new date night restaurant, but it is a community devoted to advising others about all kinds of service providers.

4 – Facebook

Did you know your customers can leave you a recommendation on your Facebook page? They can and if people are crawling the web looking for you, then you can show the world your good reviews right on your social media page.  The plus side is that you control this content.

5 – Angie’s List

You probably see the ads on television frequently.  Angie’s List prides itself on real customer reviews from real people just like you and I. As a closed subscriber network, this would require a motivated customer.  But you can encourage your very happy customers to join the network to take advantage of many other stellar services as well.

6 – Google + Local

Google + Local now publishes customer reviews. The benefit of reviews in this forum is that they can and will pop up in searches right below the place page.  This kind of review lends instant credibility to users who are searching for your business. When a 5 star review pops up, new potential clients are instantly comforted by your stellar reputation.

7 – Yahoo Local

With 13.5% of search engine traffic, reviews on this search engine isn’t a bad idea.  Direct your customers to fill out a review (hopefully 5 stars) on this site to instantly advertise your stellar reputation.

8 – Citysearch

Citysearch was an early adopter of the more socialized internet model.  Because it was so popular for so many years, it still attracts clients interested in searching for stellar businesses.

9 – Insider Pages

As an insider review site, this is an excellent resource for clients seeking to advertise your business with some good reviews.  This still shows up in search engine rankings, so your reputation may precede you when users search for your law firm.

10 – Consumer Search

This interesting site ranks reviews, so to speak, for credibility.  Having multiple reviews around the internet already will help establish you and sending some clients over here to review you against this ranking system helps to establish your credibility even further.

Reviews Can Be Great Marketing Tools

Remember, reviews are a great free marketing tool.  And it really shows you how you’ve affected your clients personally when they’re willing to go online and review your goods and services.  Don’t be afraid to ask your clients to say something about the service they received.  You work hard to please your clients, and you should receive the accolades that comes with a job well done.