10 Organic Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Everyone asks the same thing: how do I increase traffic to my website? What they’re really asking is how can I increase the number of people looking at my website and potentially clicking on items and becoming customers? The goal is to increase both the amount of visitors and their time on the site.  If we got thousands of new people visiting and leaving, the traffic would be worthless.

Here are some easy to do organic ways in which you can increase your website traffic and potentially boost your customer base.

  1. List your site in search directories online.  Submit your website to all the major web directories to generate more traffic from visitors browsing online.
  1. Sign up for social media.  Start working all these free networks! Each social media site is a free network of millions of people who could be looking for your goods and services right now!
  1. Optimize your SEO. You want to be associated with the keywords you care about. Do you offer oceanfront real estate property? You might want to be associated with those and various beach city names. Determine which keywords will drive business to your site.
  1. Participate in a banner exchange with another site.  It’s free advertising that you can do with brands that also appeal to your target consumer.
  1. Public relations works! Work public relations with online and traditional media to highlight your business and its goods and services.  Are you hosting a charity golf event this weekend? Publicize this in the media and include links for journalists to link back to your website.
  1. Start blogging.  Is your brand designer puppy clothes? Start writing a blog about everything you love about dogs, dog care, dog clothing, you name it and watch visitors pour in to read about their favorite topic too!
  1. Create a regular newsletter that highlights your brand and services.  Ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter with coupons, promotions, insight into new products and services, and community based information.
  1. Sponsor a promotion and give away free stuff to people.  People love free stuff and if you’re offering a cheap pair of earrings, a free car wash, a free seminar, they’re all in.  People will check into the site to see how they can win.
  1. Join an online community based on your industry.  Post on blogs, chat rooms, and social media pages of professional associations in your industry.  Leave comments with your website link.
  1. Join an offline association in your community.  This can include your local Chamber of Commerce, a young professional’s group, alumni groups, networking associations, you name it!

If you incorporate these 10 tools into your online strategy, you’ll be attracting visitors to your website in no time!